Knowing what to do with my life.

Okay, so I go through this same dilemma every time I get bored with the job I have. Worked at a greenhouse while in school for plant production.. eventually it got old. I know.  It’s what I went to school for so I should find a job in the industry, right? Well, I took a break from the ol’ “green thumb”, except for caring for my house plants of course! still in love with them. I became a baker at a café/bakery, it will be almost a year since I started and guess what.. I’m tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and am super proud of the skills I’ve learned in baking and decorating! But I feel the need for something different and new again. My dream has always been to travel and see things and be in different places all the time; but what on earth kind of job do I need to do that!? Keep in mind that every job I’ve had, I have gone into blind and came out on top. I always learned on the site and can do just about anything if someone has the patience to teach me. I’m heavily considering a job online so I can work from my laptop and travel… but how do I start something like that without an actual person to show me the ropes? suggestions!?